How to build Monero Mining Rig 2018

Step By Step Monero Mining Rig Building

Are you searching for Monero mining rig building then you are at right place. Most mining rigs are made of 6 GPUs and it’s required basic parts like motherboard, power supply, RAM, etc. If you planning for monero mining rig building then here we find best parts for mining pc building and describe step by step guide for it.

The mining rig building cost will around $2000 to $4000 USD, it’s depending upon GPUs. More GPUs you will put more price goes up for mining pc building. You can buy this selected parts from Amazon and any other online trusted source. If you also planning to mine ethereum then you can also refer our article ethereum mining rig building guide step by step.

Hardware required for Monero Mining Rig

For monero rig building, you required a best graphics card for mining, processor, SSD, mining motherboard, mining frame and many other things.

Best Motherboard For Mining Monero

Which are the best motherboards for mining Monero? Still, confuse. There are a lot of motherboards but for mining, you need multiple GPU motherboards. The Asus latest motherboard supports up to 19 GPU and it’s specially designed for mining. Other motherboards are Asrock and gigabyte. You can choose from below list as per your budget and your requirements.

Asus B25019 GPU SupportBuy From Amazon
ASRock H110 Pro BTC+13 GPU SupportBuy From Amazon
Gigabyte GA-H110-D3A6 GPU SupportBuy From Amazon
Biostar TB250-BTC Pro12 GPU SupportBuy From Amazon
MSI Z170A Gaming Pro Carbon7 GPU SupportBuy From Amazon
Asus ROG Strix Z270E7 GPU SupportBuy From Amazon

Best graphics card for mining

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 - Excellent Mining GPU


Which are the best GPU for mining Monero? Don’t worry we find best GPUs for you. Nowadays NVIDIA gives the statement that first serve GPU to gamers and then after serving to miners. So, Gaming Pc Guru advice you to buy the mining GPU from online sites. Both NVIDIA and AMD are capable of mining Monero. You can check below list and as per hashing rate, you can buy it. More hashing power then you will generate more Monero.

Radeon RX Vega 6433 MH/s using 200 wattsBuy From Amazon
Radeon RX Vega 5631 MH/s using 190 wattsBuy From Amazon
GeForce GTX 1080 TI32 MH/s using 200 wattsBuy From Amazon
Radeon R9 290x28 MH/s using 280 wattsBuy From Amazon
Geforce GTX 107027 MH/s using 200 wattsBuy From Amazon
Radeon Rx 58025 MH/s using 175 wattsBuy From Amazon
Radeon Rx 48024 MH/s using 175 wattsBuy From Amazon
Radeon Rx 57022 MH/s using 125 wattsBuy From Amazon
Radeon Rx 47021 MH/s using 120 wattsBuy From Amazon
Geforce GTX 106020 MH/s using 110 wattsBuy From Amazon

Best PSU Monero Mining Rig

best psu

Which are the best PSU for mining rig? Here you will get best PSU solution. For mining pc, you need heavy PSU like 1200W and Gold rating. Because mining rig needs more power and more cpableItsIt also good idea to get high power PSU so you can safer from fire problem. Check the below list, these all are the top PSU you can choose from it.

Seasonic Power supply Power Supply SSR-1200GBuy From Amazon
SilverStone Technology Strider 1200W 80 Plus PlatinumBuy From Amazon
Silverstone Tek 1500W 80 PLUS GoldBuy From Amazon
Silverstone Tek 1350WBuy From Amazon
EVGA SuperNOVA 1600 T2 80+ TITANIUMBuy From Amazon
Thermaltake 1200-Watt 80 Plus GoldBuy From Amazon
Thermaltake Toughpower DPS G RGB 1250W Digital 80+ TitaniumBuy From Amazon
Thermaltake Tough Power Series ATX 12V 1200Buy From Amazon
Corsair CP-9020140-NA HX1200 1200WBuy From Amazon

Best CPU For Mining

If you are planning to build monero mining rig then we prefer to buy Intel CPU for it and for the mining pc don’t require more powerful CPU. So, prefer to buy Intel Celeron G1840 Processor – BX80646G1840 processor for your rig.

Best RAM Mining Monero Rig

For the motherboard, you need one ram than capable to handle your operating system. For this we prefer to choose DDR4 ram so, you can easily handle your operating system. You can choose RAM from below list.

G.Skill Trident Z 3200Buy From Amazon
Patriot DDR4 RAMBuy From Amazon
Kingston HyperX FuryBuy From Amazon
Corsair Vengeance LPXBuy From Amazon
Crucial Ballistix EliteBuy From Amazon

Best SSD for Monero Mining Rig

Which SSD will best for your rig? Here we highlight some issue that you can face with HDD. But you can easily run your SSD by 24×7 hours and fewer chances of failure of your mining rig. You can pick SSD from below list.

SanDisk SSD PLUS 120GBBuy From Amazon
ADATA SU800 128GBBuy From Amazon
Silicon Power 60GB SSDBuy From Amazon
WD Blue 250GB PC SSDBuy From Amazon
Samsung 850 PROBuy From Amazon

Best AMD Motherboard 2018 just for AMD lovers.

Perfect Mining Case for your Mining Rig

TITAN-8 Open Air GPU Mining Rig Frame

For mining rig, you need capable mining case that handles load of your GPUs. So, for handling this you need aluminum frame case that handling load. You can check below list you can easily for the perfect frame for your rig.

Crypto Case Sentinel 6 GPU Mining CaseBuy From Amazon
Aluminum Stackable Mining Case RigBuy From Amazon
SPARTAN V2 Open Air GPU Mining Rig FrameBuy From Amazon
TITAN-8 Open Air GPU Mining Rig FrameBuy From Amazon
6U GPU Bitcoin Mining Rig Server CaseBuy From Amazon
6 GPU Stackable Open Air Mining CaseBuy From Amazon
Rosewill 4U Server ChassisBuy From Amazon

Accessories for Monero Mining Rig

For this mining rig, you need other accessories like mouse, keyboard, monitor and other related accessories. For this, you can refer our site and buy this.

Operating System for Mining Rig

You have few option for the operating system, but we personally suggest you Windows 10 for mining rig. For this, your Windows must a licensed copy. If you looking for cheap then Linux is the best option for you.

How to Assemble Mining Rig

After collecting all the hardware for you mining rig you have a question. How do you assemble Monero Mining Rig, my answer is it’s too easy just follow the step your mining rig will ready in two hours. It’s an easy process as like simple computer building. Before you build the PC then mining rig building will easy for you.

Acer Predator Orion 9000 – Dragon Gaming PC

Step to assemble the Monero Mining Rig

Step 1 – First you need to take your mining rig case. If you buy a metal frame or wooden frame then you need a just simple screwdriver to set up your mining rig. You must have screwdriver toolkit. It will help a lot in setting up your rig.

Step 2 – In the second step, you need to mount the motherboard with the mining frame. At the bottom side of mining frame screws and spacers are included to mount it. Attach motherboard with frame properly. The red and blue arrow must be screwed because it will give strength to the motherboard to carry your GPUs.

monero mining rig

Step 3 – Now its turn to attach the CPU with your motherboard. It varies as AMD to Intel. But one easy way to complete the process is open the CPU holder match their CPU arrow with motherboard arrow and place it carefully. It’s done you have successfully installed your processor.

Step 4 – Now connect your CPU with CPU fan. You should use 2×4 pin cable to connect CPU to PSU. Power cable likely is 4 pin port located somewhere on the motherboard near the CPU.

Step 5 – In fifth step install your DDR4 ram inside the your motherboard. Stick it proper still locking of the ram inside motherboard is not done.Check it properly.

Step 6 – In six step you need to connect your SSD to motherboard. For this you need SATA data cable, it comes with motherboard. After this cable from GPU need to connect with SSD.

Main Part Of Mining PC Building

Step 7 – Main part of mining rig building, connect your GPUs with the motherboard. Remove the packing of GPU then PCIe 16x part will connect directly to the bottom of the video card. Which directly connect to USB cable, which connects PCIe 1x piece connect with the motherboard. Be careful place 1x piece in the correct direction. After it you need to attach motherboard to the case. You can ties up GPU with a frame with simple zip ties. Now connect the each GPUs with SATA power cables.

Step 8 – To keep cool you need to install cooling fans or open body cooling fans. That helps to cool down the pc.

Step 9 – Connect your power button to the system and check all the cables. You must check all connection coming from GPUs, Motherboards, SSD installed properly.

Step 10 – For mining monero you need a software on your system. As your all hardware is set and ready. Now you need to install EthOS. For installing this you just load this OS on on USB drive, plug into rig . Then power up your system, now press any key on your keyboard and choose your boot drive. Then select USB drive that loaded with EthOS, started to installing in your PC. Follow the instruction, it’s as same as Windows 10 installing process.

Now, you can understood how Monero Mining Rig will be done, it’s so simple but it’s need to do with care and proper guide. If you have any question then comment us we will get back to you. You can also check our best mining GPU and best mining motherboard article.

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